The Auxiliary

of John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County

Below are just some of the programs we organize and  fund through donations,... most at no additional cost to the patients:

The Vision to SERVE

The Vision to LEAD

The Vision to CARE

Sharing the VISION

Car Seat Program - Since 1991 the Auxiliary has delivered approximately 2000 car seats a year for patients and people in need.

Eyeglass Program – A pair of glasses can be purchased for less than $40.

Youth Health Camps – Funds have been provided for diabetic, burn, and obesity patients to attend special camps to learn how to manage their health.



Cancer Survivors and Breast Cancer Awareness Days – In cooperation with the medical staff, the Auxiliary donates money toward these special events which offer on going support for our patients and their families.

IMD Guest House – Our funding provides a room conveniently located for the use of the families of longterm patients.

Pediatric Art Therapists – Work with pediatric patients four days a week.

Health Hurt Program – Our social workers counsel, one-on-one with our young adult trauma population to prevent recurrences of violent trauma in their lives.

Hospital Decor – Throughout the years, the Auxiliary has also overseen various redecorating projects, including new seating, artwork in the pediatric unit sculptures and more.



Below are just some of the programs we organize and fund through donations, ...most at no additional cost to the patients:

Programs Sponsored by the Auxiliary

New Babies – New mothers receive a layette containing many lovely handmade items plus a framed photo of their baby.